My butt is big (by Nike)


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I have seen this ad while randomly browsing and it made me feel really good about my rather large backside, so I thought I’d share it with you. Hope it makes you smile. 🙂




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Where on Earth can I buy a formal pencil skirt that will fit both my waist and my bum????!!!!!!!!!!!! The answer is NOWHERE. I am soooooooo frustrated!!!!!!!!

It is absolutely ridiculous how every single web site advising hourglass shaped women how to dress will tell you to wear a pencil skirt because it will suit your shape perfectly. Errrr… NO IT WON’T! What sort of shape is it exactly that you’re mistaking for hourglass???? Ah, you mean a plank! That’s it! You haven’t got a flippin clue what you’re talking about!!

I have tried on over 100 (!) pencil skirts in the past month. The prices ranged between £5 and £300, so you can’t even say I only tried the high street. NONE, I repeat, NONE of them fit me both in the waist and in the hips.

I have an hourglass shape, yes, but nothing extreme. My waist measurement is 25 inches and my hips measure 39 inches at the widest part.

Why can’t I find a bloody pencil skirt that fits me??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where does Kim Kardashian shop, for example?? Although I guess she has enough money to pay for custom tailoring..

Kim Kardashian in those unobtainable pencil skirts

I’m so angry I want to cry. If by some miracle you do know of any place in London (I want to try on before I buy, as I had enough of paying for return postage) where they sell fitted pencil skirts for ACTUAL hourglass shapes, please let me know.

Sorry about the rage.

My Favourite Bras #3 – Curvy Kate, Wonderbra & Bravissimo Reviews


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This is the third post of me reviewing my favourite bras, focusing on fit, shape and sizing (as opposed to describing the look of the bra which you can see for yourself anyway).  Hope that there are some girls/women out there who find these reviews useful – even if I could help just one person, I would feel like the reviews were worth writing.

The Curvy Kate Thrill Me Bra

Curvy Kate Thrill Me

This is a beautiful and sexy looking bra which gives a nice rounded shape and good support. Its wearability is questionable though; first of all, the lovely frills on top of the cups stick out waaaay too much, so I haven’t found any items of clothing yet that I can wear over it without looking like I’m carrying stuff (phone, tissues, the lot) in my bras. Secondly, the bra really cuts in under my arm. This could be due to high/wide underwires, or the straps being too wide… I’m really not sure? But because of this it’s not particularly comfortable to wear for a longer period of time.

Another issue is the sizing; I struggled sooooo much to find my size in this bra. My usual size is 30F, so that’s what I tried in the Thrill Me first – only to find the band very loose and the cup… well, very strange. The top of the cup stuck out and gaped, well away from my chest, and at the same time the bra didn’t even cover my nipples. I couldn’t decide if it was too small or too big? Luckily Becky and Cheryl had reviewed the Thrill Me at Invest In Your Chest, suggesting it’s a good idea to go down a back size and up a cup size or two in this style to get a good fit. So I ordered a 28G, and to my shock it did fit (except for the problems above).

Despite all of the above I still love this bra. Together with either the matching shorts or thong it’s the perfect bedroom set. I looks great and it makes me feel great, it makes me feel sexy.

There’s one thing that nobody seems to mention when reviewing the Curvy Kate Thrill Me and/or Tease Me bras – they are not the same fit at all! From every single review and description I’ve read I gathered that they are basically the same, just look a bit different. Oh no. The fit is completely different. The underwires of  the Tease Me come up much higher at the centre gore, the top of the cup is almost entirely horizontal (in the 28G my nipples were not even covered), and instead of giving a rounded shape it rather flattens, with the top frill sticking out/gaping horrendously. I was really disappointed to find that after finally discovering my size in the Thrill Me, I still could not get the Tease Me to fit.

However I am not giving up on Curvy Kate just yet. I love the brand, their fantastic size range, what they stand for, plus there are some amazing new bras coming out next season, so I will keep trying them until I find another that fits (I may even find one that fits better than the Thrill Me who knows).

The Bravissimo Satine Bra

Bravissimo Satine

This is a bra I recently bought and I am still in slight disbelief over how comfortable it is. It comes up slightly large in the band, so I got a 28FF, and it fits perfectly. I have to admit I don’t usually get along with plunge bras (except for the Freya Deco) – they usually make my breasts look pointy (the dreaded pyramid shape). However the Satine bra is really lovely, the shape it gives is round, and the support is great too, it keeps me firmly in place all day. Apart from my Freya Nieve longline, this is the only bra where the familiar thought of “I really want to take my bra off now” doesn’t go through my head when I sit down on the sofa at the end of the day. I will definitely get the black version as well.

There are some improvements that could be made, such as making the bra somewhat better quality: the button on the centre gore is not really at the centre, the padding easily gets permanently creased, and the satin on the cup is wrinkled in some places. I tried on a few of these in the shop, and they all had something wrong with them, mostly creased padding or crimpled cup. If Bravissimo sorted these issues out, the Satine could be their best bra ever.

The Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Lace Bra

Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Lace

So pretty, especially for a strapless bra! To be honest I find Wonderbra in general a bit of a hit-and-miss for DD+ bras, but the Ultimate Strapless is absolutely fantastic. It felt weird when I first tried it on – I couldn’t figure out if the band was supposed to ever so slightly stick away from my ribcage and gape at the bottom, or if I was putting the bra on incorrectly? Finally I decided that this must be on purpose, but I still don’t understand why. I tried on several sizes as well to find the best fit – the one I chose is a 32E (my only bra in this size). In the 30 band I just felt like I couldn’t breathe. I did worry that it would soon loosen up too much, but I’ve had it for a year now and it’s still the same. What’s so amazing about it is that it stays exactly where I leave it (while I’m wearing it I mean), all day and/or all night, no matter if I’m jumping up and down the whole time. (I’ve tested it dancing, running around on the beach, skipping, etc.) It just doesn’t move, full stop. The support feels great too, it does literally feel like you’re holding yourself in place, and the shape is round. If only the size range was a little less discriminative (it only goes up to an F cup)!

My Favourite Bras #2 – Masquerade & Freya Reviews


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The Freya Deco Bra

Freya Deco

I don’t think this is a bra for everyday wear, but it’s brilliant nevertheless. My breasts are quite wide set, and I find it very difficult to create a cleavage – the Freya Deco is the only bra that gives me a truly amazing cleavage, without any “airbag” inserts and without making my breasts look like pyramids from the side (like the Gossard Superboost bra does). This one is a size 28F – I find that in the Deco, I always have to take my smaller band size, and it’s always a cup size smaller from my usual size that fits nicely (my “usual” size is 30F). However as I am on the border of having to go up a cup size at the moment, a 28FF in the Deco would probably be a little more appropriate and would give me a less in-your-face cleavage. This bra is the only thing I wear for going out, under low cut V-shape necklines.

The Panache Masquerade Rhea Bra

Panache Masquerade Rhea

I love this bra for its fantastic support and the beautiful Marie Antoinette cleavage it gives, without making me feel like I’m falling out of the cups. Again, imagine the effect is a little less intense than in the picture – the one I own is a 30F, and I could do with a 30FF at the moment. The shape it gives from the side is round, but slightly minimising (so your breasts are fairly close to your chest), as the cups are quite deep vertically. It basically spreads your breasts out vertically on your chest, rather than pushing them forwards or together.

I have to admit that it took a while for this bra to feel comfortable on. When I first got it, the ends of the wires at the centre gore were digging into my skin so much, I had to take it off in the middle of the day and go braless a couple of times – it was very painful. Luckily I stuck with it and after a few washes it wasn’t hurting any more (I also tried to bend the wires away from my chest several times, but I don’t think that had any effect). I love this bra and I would probably buy it again and put up with the pain for a few days again if I could get hold of it in the sale.

The Panache Masquerade Anise Bra

Panache Masquerade Anise

Even though this bra isn’t new on the market, there are still plenty available everywhere – which did make me wonder why it hasn’t sold out yet, like most other Masquerade styles that came out around the same time. I think I found the answer: because it’s TIGHT. When I say tight, I don’t mean it’s tight at first and then it will loosen with wear, I mean it’s tight full stop. There is literally no stretch in the band. I have it in a 30F but it feels like a 28FF. When I first tried it on I felt like I couldn’t breathe – simply because it doesn’t stretch as you try to expand your chest like other bras do. However, it doesn’t actually dig in. I can wear it all day comfortably and it will hardly leave any marks on my skin. It feels unusual at first with the band being so firm, but it’s actually nice to feel so supported all day.

I love it because it’s sooo pretty and sexy, the colour makes me look TANNED, and because it’s a half cup bra, my boobs look a little smaller than, for example, in the Rhea above. The only thing that sometimes bugs me is how close my nipples are to the top of the cup – could do with a tiny bit more coverage. But altogether it’s definitely one of my favourites.

My Favourite Bras – Masquerade & Freya Reviews


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Knowing how much other reviews help me when buying bras online – deciding what would suit my shape, what would be comfortable, what size to get, etc – I really wanted to review a few bras I like.

Just to warn everyone though, I have only ever bought padded bras – I just don’t like the idea of nipples showing through clothing. So unfortunately there will be no reviews of non-padded bras at all.

One thing that bugs me about some bra reviews is when the reviewer goes into a lot of detail about the look of the bra, but doesn’t even mention what size she usually wears and what size she has bought in that particular style. Needless to say that’s the most unhelpful kind of review. I will always find plenty of pictures of a bra I’m thinking of buying on the internet. The visual description is useful for someone who has problems with their sight, but I believe everyone else will mostly be reading the review for descriptions of fit and sizing.

Therefore I will try to focus on these two things above.

To start with, my “usual” bra size is 30F. If I were in an actual shop that stocked bras in my size, that’s the size I would begin with when trying on different sizes. At the moment (still as a result of Christmas and generally winter laziness) I am carrying a few extra kilos so I am spilling out of most of my bras a little bit more than I should – I do apologise for this. I haven’t invested in any larger cup bras as I’m hoping the extra weight won’t stay long.

First up is my newest acquisition and absolute favourite right now:

The Freya Nieve Long Line Bra

Freya Nieve Longline

This I have in a 30F, and the fit is near perfect. The band is snug but comfortable, and the cups are just right as well. The wires are narrower than those of my Masquerade bras (I think that’s a Freya thing), so the fit is more upfront and my bust is pushed further out in front of me (if that makes sense), but the bra still gives a very round shape which is what I’m after. I like that the straps are fully adjustable (why this isn’t the case for every single bra strap in the world, the mind boggles), and I love how the bra doesn’t dig in so much and doesn’t leave so many marks, simply because it’s long line! (Thanks to Becky and Sophia for introducing me to this fantastic bra through their blogs!)

There is one issue however. The cup is a bit too low cut for me. My nipples are barely inside the cup. There are more and more and more “half cup” style bras appearing everywhere, and I just don’t understand this sudden obsession? What happened to the padded balconette? Why does everyone feel the need to design bras that hardly cover your nipples? If Freya cut the cups of this bra just slightly higher, like a “normal” balconette, I would buy two of every single colour that comes out.

The Panache Masquerade Capella Bra

Panache Masquerade Capella

I completely adore this bra – I have it in a 28FF. This is one of the few bras I bought in a shop (Bravissimo), which is an hour long trip from my house, so I don’t often go there. I tried on the 30F first but the band felt a little loose. Because bras stretch quite a bit with wash and wear over the years, I find it really important to get a firm band when buying a new bra, as I can’t afford to replace them very often.

What I love in this bra the most is how it holds me up just as well as a balconette would, but at the same time gives me a plunge-like neckline, a nice cleavage, and also an amazing rounded shape! It’s the perfect moulded bra. I really want to say I will buy it in every colour, but… for £39?? Really? That’s my only hang-up. Soooooo expensive!!

The Panache Masquerade Georgiana Bra

Panache Masquerade Georgiana

I have this in 3 different colours (all 30F), and have worn them all to death. Amazingly comfortable, incredible support, perfect round shape. As you can clearly see I could do with a larger cup size, but I promise when I bought these I wasn’t spilling out so much. The band is also pretty loose now, but after at least 3 years wear that’s expected.

This is the style I would LOVE to see Panache make more of! The “Maia” was a very similar fit as well (although not quite as comfortable), so even with that I would be pretty happy. Please please Panache, please make more of the “Georgiana”! I don’t even mind if it’s the exact same colours, I just want to buy new ones!!

(To be continued…)

BiuBiu Review – My First Order!


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I absolutely LOVE my first BiuBiu purchases!

BiuBiu is small clothing company based in Poland, dedicated to designing flattering clothes for curvy women of any size.

On a side note, I’d like to emphasize here that when I say curvy, I mean curvy; I do not mean plus size. While I mean no offence whatsoever to larger women, the media all too often uses the word curvy as a substitute for plus size, and this is very misleading. A curvy woman is a woman with curves: a slim waist, and either relatively large breasts, relatively large hips, or both. Besides this, she can be a size 6 or size 16 or anything in between and beyond – curvy is about shape, not size.

So now that we’re clear on this, back to BiuBiu! I knew of this company solely by reading reviews written by fellow bloggers: Brittany’s review on Thin & Curvy, Sophia’s review on Sophia Jenner, Azzy’s review on Kooky Kat Kreations and Georgina’s review on Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. BiuBiu clothes particularly flatter your figure if you have an hourglass shape, and are sized so that they take into account the size of your bust as well. For example if your waist is a size 8, but you will only fit into a size 12 on the high street as a result of your larger bust, hips or both (by which point the dress needs to be massively taken in in the waist), in BiuBiu you will find a size 8 that will fit your waist, bust and hips all at the same time! BiuBiu considers the volume of your breasts and takes note of this in the sizing by adding B, BB, or BBB after each high street size. Basically the more Bs – the more boob-space! 🙂 They have a sizing guide on their website which is very accurate, and makes ordering from abroad easy and stress-free!

According to the sizing guide, I was a 34BB in non-stretchy garments, and 34BB/BBB in stretchy ones. I ordered 2 tops (Pamir and Porto) and 1 dress (Ponti Navy), all of them of the stretchy kind, but opted for a 36B/BB in all of them (instead of the 34BB/BBB the size chart put me in), as I read it in two of the above reviews that the sizes came up quite snug.

These are the items I ordered:

Pamir top – BiuBiu
Ponti Navy dress – BiuBiu
Porto top – BiuBiu

I contacted Kinga Robak, the owner of BiuBiu, twice before actually sending the order – first as I didn’t seem to find an option to have the items delivered to the UK, and the second time to find out whether I could pay by PayPal. Both times she personally replied to me within 24 hours, which I was absolutely amazed at – being the busy owner of a small but successful company, I must admit I didn’t expect that! She was really helpful, made the payment and ordering process very simple, and even gave some advice on sizing.

I sent payment on Friday the 9th Dec, the items were dispatched on Tuesday the 13th, and I received it all on Saturday the 17th – I got my order in a week! I’ve had my share of experience with posting internationally, and I have to say this service was one of the fastest! The items were packaged well too and also wrapped in tissue paper.

The first thing that caught my attention when I opened the parcel was the colours! They are so bright – the pictures on the website show the true colours really accurately, but in real life they are even more amazing! I love the materials too, they feel high quality to the touch and comfortable on the skin.

And here’s what they look like on:

My definite favourite out of the 3 is the dress – I just can’t believe how amazing the fit is (on top of the colour, the quality and the material)! It fits my waist as well as my bust as well as my hips perfectly! I’m mainly astounded by this because I have had very mixed experience with another bigger company who designs clothing “with your boobs in mind”, but at the same time seems to completely ignore your bum.

Especially on the second picture you can see that there is enough space for my rather large bum in the dress. Perfect for true hourglass shapes. I just love it!

I think in both of the tops I would have been ok with a 34BB/BBB (like the sizing guide suggested), as I can feel there is quite a bit more give in the material (good if I put on a few pounds!), but I am happy with the 36B/BBs; I think because they are not too tight or clingy, I feel especially comfortable wearing them, so they are perfect daytime tops. They are both a good length too (long sleeve tops are often too short in the body), with the Pamir being a little bit longer, which I personally prefer!

My second favourite out of the order is the Pamir top above. I’m not a big fan of prints in general, but I loved the idea of the plain coloured sleeves (giving you slimmer shoulders) and the brown/orange colour scheme. Eventually this review picture made me order it (I thought it looked great), and I’m so glad I did! The reason I put it before the Porto is because I was quite hesitant in ordering it, yet it turned out to be a favourite! 🙂

I really love the Porto top as well, especially the colour – so rich! The third picture below shows the true colour best. It’s in “third” place only because I knew it would be perfect – I get more excited about stuff that I don’t expect to be amazing to start with. 😛 I love the way it’s cut: wrap-over style, but only on the bust not the full front, giving you a very nice shape but not too much cleavage!

All in all a great experience with BiuBiu, regarding both service and product. I literally cannot wait for the new collection so I can order again!!

How do you tell a stranger they’re wearing the wrong size bra?


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As I mentioned before, I work in fashion retail. Our target customers are fashion conscious, glamorous mums, and we sell a lot of dresses. I am very much used to advising customers (i.e. strangers) on the fit while they are trying on clothes. (I find that the more money a customer has to spend, the more they require your assistance and opinion, which I think is quite strange! If I had loads of money and could afford anything, I would have a lot more choice than I do now, therefore it would be much easier for me to decide on the perfect pieces!) Anyway…

Most of the women trying our dresses on are in their 30s or 40s, but often I find myself having to advise women in their 50s or 60s. This situation is usually a bit awkward for me (I’m in my 30s and look younger than my age), having to convince older ladies that they have lice legs, that the below-the-knee dress length is not too short for them, or that they are not too old to wear a particular style – without sounding insincere. Will they really accept any advice from a woman half their age? I always try to be as honest as possible, and it helps that most women shopping at our store have good taste and judgement. But I also regularly get customers who try on a dress, find that the waist is “too high” or “too tight”, then try on a bigger size, find that it’s just really big everywhere, then decide that the fit is simply “not right”. While this is happening, all I can do is stand there, saying things like “Hmmm, maybe…”, and at the same time shouting inside: “Your bra is the wrong size!! Your boobs are not being held up at all, they are hanging down by your waist, that’s why you think the waist of the dress is too small!! If you were wearing the correct size bra, the waist of the dress would be on your actual waist and not on top of your boobs!!”

Here are just a couple of pictures to illustrate what I mean…

Drew Barrymore - with or without a bra

The Sagging - by Target Marketing for The Boobie Trap

This is a very difficult situation, it makes me want to cry. I can’t tell those poor ladies that they are wearing the wrong size bra without offending them! But someone needs to tell them!!! Their bra fitters maybe?? The chances are though, that they are wearing the incorrect size BECAUSE OF their bra fitters!! All these poor women who got fitted at M&S and the like, using their plain wrong plus four method, now can’t even find a dress that fits them as a result!! This makes me really really angry!! And the “plus four method” is still everywhere!!

I measure 29 inches across my ribcage and 37 inches across the fullest part of my bust. I wear bras that are either 30F or 28FF depending on the brand. The band measurements of all of my bras clearly correspond to my ribcage measurement (I measure 29″ so wear a 28″ or 30″). I get fitted at Bravissimo, which I highly recommend for everyone. Below are a few examples of popular retailers’ outrageous bra (ill-)fitting guides.

M&S Bra Fitting MIS-GUIDE

These all suggest that my bra size is 34D/34DD. Incidentally, my mother wears size 34DD bras. When I put on her bras, the cup fits ok. The back doesn’t simply ride up however – I can tie the band of the bra in a knot, it is so loose!!! It clearly and obviously does not fit me!

Sadly, I don’t think there is an OK way to tell strangers they are wearing the incorrect bra size, unless you are a bra fitter (and the stranger is a customer you are fitting). So if the responsibility is yours, but you’re doing a lousy job, all those poor ladies that come to my shop are doomed forever!!

Bad bra fitting advice by retailers should be considered a CRIME!!!

Hush AW 2011 Collection


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I never usually look at the leaflets/brochures/advertisements that come free with my glossy magazine, but this once I got sucked in – the girl on the front cover was sitting outside in the cold wearing loads of beautiful knitted and jersey pieces complete with woolly socks, gloves and a snood, and looked so perfectly warm and cosy, that I couldn’t resist opening the catalogue.

Hush has been around for eight years, and is “probably the UK’s leading nightwear and loungewear specialist”, according to their website. It was founded by a woman named Mandy Watkins, originally from Australia, who spotted a clear gap in the market “for a company selling stylish clothes to relax in”. Why I haven’t heard of them before could be due to the fact they “don’t really advertise”, but “prefer to spend the money on giving you the best possible product and service at a sensible price”. I have to say I really like this philosophy.

Bubble Stitch Cardi and Harem Joggers – Hush

I absolutely LOVE dressing into cosy knits and pyjama bottoms in the winter at home on a Sunday, while sitting on the sofa sipping hot chocolate or mulled wine. I don’t like to admit it, but I even go outside for a walk sometimes in these outfits (plus coat plus Ugg boots), completely overjoyed by the idea that I can wear whatever I want because it’s a Sunday.

The awkwardness starts when I happen to come across another human being during these walks – even worse when I accidentally wander into an area with quite a few other people in it. All of a sudden I don’t feel so happy any more; I feel rather embarrassed that I came outside in my “cool” pyjama bottoms just because I felt cosy and comfortable in it.

What if I could be cosy and warm, totally overjoyed at being able to wear whatever I want and feel comfortable in, and not look like a lunatic at the same time?! This is exactly where Hush comes into the picture!

Amy Dress – Hush
Cherry Blossom Pyjamas – Hush

If dressing into comfortable clothes on the weekend makes you happy but you want to wear something more stylish than old tracksuit bottoms and baggy T-shirts, you must check out the most recent Hush catalogue.

Although I still very much lust after their amazing pyjamas as well, I will be mostly investing in some cosy knits and key pieces like the long harem trousers to wear instead of my pyjama bottoms on the streets of suburban London on a winter Sunday.

Museum of Anthropologie


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I love when friends draw your attention to a new and exciting brand you have never heard of before, especially when you instantly find pieces in their catalogue you feel you just have to have. It is usually much better if the brand is one you could possibly afford as well, but simply the feeling that you discovered a new passion is often satisfying enough.

I have fallen in love with Anthropologie. Particularly with this beautiful mustard yellow coat.

Ruched Marigold Coat – Anthropologie

We actually went into the Regent Street store yesterday, partly to see if I could try on the coat (and feel even more depressed that I will never be able to buy it), and partly just to see what else they had to offer.

At this point I have to mention that I am also completely infatuated with this jacquard print knitted jumper and white wide-leg trousers combination! So unique and sophisticated!

Neo-Jacquard Pullover and Lamb Wide-Legs – Anthropologie

To best describe the Anthropologie shopping experience, it was like walking around in a museum where you are actually interested in everything (or most things) on display! The main reason it felt like more of a museum than a shop was the prices of items… On the three massive floors there were a substantial amount of home wear, most of which I was simply too nervous to touch, just in case I break something and have to spend the rest of my life paying for it! Such pieces included a £900 clock and an £8000 hollow sculpture of a polar bear (probably both a one-off or store exclusive as I can’t seem to find them on the website).

Luckily my dream coat was not available in store to try on (web exclusive), so I couldn’t depress myself any further by fitting into it perfectly and wanting it even more but not being able to afford it.

Once I get out of retail management and into a real grown-up job, I think I will be able to buy a favourite piece from here every now and again, but until then the Anthropologie store will sadly remain a beautiful but untouchable museum for me!

The girl with the hourglass figure


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I have a proportionate (also known as hourglass) figure, and with measurements of 37-25-38 and a 30F bust, on a lucky day I fit into a high street UK size 10 or 12. My ideal style of dressing is elegant, sophisticated, simple and feminine – in reality however I have to dress in the brand that I work for, which is currently a bit too “country” and “old” for my liking (not to mention ill fitting).

On days when I’m off work, I usually open my wardrobe door in the morning and find that I have nothing to wear. This is not just due to lack of funds but also not finding anything on the high street that fits me. High street clothes shops don’t seem to cater for hourglass shapes whatsoever. By the time I go up to a dress size that fits my chest and bum (usually a size 12), I have several inches of excess material dangling all around my waist, which even a belt can’t make disappear. Stretchy materials are supposed to be my friend –  but whoever said that obviously didn’t consider the fact that not every woman has a perfectly flat tummy!

I love fashion and I get passionate about beautiful pieces of clothing and certain ways of dressing, but not having the standard high street figure I struggle and get frustrated a lot with everything (nothing?) that’s out there for us non-royalty to buy.

I also love beautiful lingerie, and I am keen to join “the fight against plus four”, on a mission to get every woman to wear the correct size bra, as well as to get retailers to increase their size range rather than fit women into the wrong sizes.

With my musings on these pages I plan to share my fashion findings and infatuation with beautiful items, and I hope to every now and then be of some help to other hourglass shaped women out there who also find dressing from the high street a bit stressful, and who long to see more lingerie shops around that don’t refuse to stock their bra size.