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I absolutely LOVE my first BiuBiu purchases!

BiuBiu is small clothing company based in Poland, dedicated to designing flattering clothes for curvy women of any size.

On a side note, I’d like to emphasize here that when I say curvy, I mean curvy; I do not mean plus size. While I mean no offence whatsoever to larger women, the media all too often uses the word curvy as a substitute for plus size, and this is very misleading. A curvy woman is a woman with curves: a slim waist, and either relatively large breasts, relatively large hips, or both. Besides this, she can be a size 6 or size 16 or anything in between and beyond – curvy is about shape, not size.

So now that we’re clear on this, back to BiuBiu! I knew of this company solely by reading reviews written by fellow bloggers: Brittany’s review on Thin & Curvy, Sophia’s review on Sophia Jenner, Azzy’s review on Kooky Kat Kreations and Georgina’s review on Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. BiuBiu clothes particularly flatter your figure if you have an hourglass shape, and are sized so that they take into account the size of your bust as well. For example if your waist is a size 8, but you will only fit into a size 12 on the high street as a result of your larger bust, hips or both (by which point the dress needs to be massively taken in in the waist), in BiuBiu you will find a size 8 that will fit your waist, bust and hips all at the same time! BiuBiu considers the volume of your breasts and takes note of this in the sizing by adding B, BB, or BBB after each high street size. Basically the more Bs – the more boob-space! 🙂 They have a sizing guide on their website which is very accurate, and makes ordering from abroad easy and stress-free!

According to the sizing guide, I was a 34BB in non-stretchy garments, and 34BB/BBB in stretchy ones. I ordered 2 tops (Pamir and Porto) and 1 dress (Ponti Navy), all of them of the stretchy kind, but opted for a 36B/BB in all of them (instead of the 34BB/BBB the size chart put me in), as I read it in two of the above reviews that the sizes came up quite snug.

These are the items I ordered:

Pamir top – BiuBiu
Ponti Navy dress – BiuBiu
Porto top – BiuBiu

I contacted Kinga Robak, the owner of BiuBiu, twice before actually sending the order – first as I didn’t seem to find an option to have the items delivered to the UK, and the second time to find out whether I could pay by PayPal. Both times she personally replied to me within 24 hours, which I was absolutely amazed at – being the busy owner of a small but successful company, I must admit I didn’t expect that! She was really helpful, made the payment and ordering process very simple, and even gave some advice on sizing.

I sent payment on Friday the 9th Dec, the items were dispatched on Tuesday the 13th, and I received it all on Saturday the 17th – I got my order in a week! I’ve had my share of experience with posting internationally, and I have to say this service was one of the fastest! The items were packaged well too and also wrapped in tissue paper.

The first thing that caught my attention when I opened the parcel was the colours! They are so bright – the pictures on the website show the true colours really accurately, but in real life they are even more amazing! I love the materials too, they feel high quality to the touch and comfortable on the skin.

And here’s what they look like on:

My definite favourite out of the 3 is the dress – I just can’t believe how amazing the fit is (on top of the colour, the quality and the material)! It fits my waist as well as my bust as well as my hips perfectly! I’m mainly astounded by this because I have had very mixed experience with another bigger company who designs clothing “with your boobs in mind”, but at the same time seems to completely ignore your bum.

Especially on the second picture you can see that there is enough space for my rather large bum in the dress. Perfect for true hourglass shapes. I just love it!

I think in both of the tops I would have been ok with a 34BB/BBB (like the sizing guide suggested), as I can feel there is quite a bit more give in the material (good if I put on a few pounds!), but I am happy with the 36B/BBs; I think because they are not too tight or clingy, I feel especially comfortable wearing them, so they are perfect daytime tops. They are both a good length too (long sleeve tops are often too short in the body), with the Pamir being a little bit longer, which I personally prefer!

My second favourite out of the order is the Pamir top above. I’m not a big fan of prints in general, but I loved the idea of the plain coloured sleeves (giving you slimmer shoulders) and the brown/orange colour scheme. Eventually this review picture made me order it (I thought it looked great), and I’m so glad I did! The reason I put it before the Porto is because I was quite hesitant in ordering it, yet it turned out to be a favourite! 🙂

I really love the Porto top as well, especially the colour – so rich! The third picture below shows the true colour best. It’s in “third” place only because I knew it would be perfect – I get more excited about stuff that I don’t expect to be amazing to start with. 😛 I love the way it’s cut: wrap-over style, but only on the bust not the full front, giving you a very nice shape but not too much cleavage!

All in all a great experience with BiuBiu, regarding both service and product. I literally cannot wait for the new collection so I can order again!!