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Knowing how much other reviews help me when buying bras online – deciding what would suit my shape, what would be comfortable, what size to get, etc – I really wanted to review a few bras I like.

Just to warn everyone though, I have only ever bought padded bras – I just don’t like the idea of nipples showing through clothing. So unfortunately there will be no reviews of non-padded bras at all.

One thing that bugs me about some bra reviews is when the reviewer goes into a lot of detail about the look of the bra, but doesn’t even mention what size she usually wears and what size she has bought in that particular style. Needless to say that’s the most unhelpful kind of review. I will always find plenty of pictures of a bra I’m thinking of buying on the internet. The visual description is useful for someone who has problems with their sight, but I believe everyone else will mostly be reading the review for descriptions of fit and sizing.

Therefore I will try to focus on these two things above.

To start with, my “usual” bra size is 30F. If I were in an actual shop that stocked bras in my size, that’s the size I would begin with when trying on different sizes. At the moment (still as a result of Christmas and generally winter laziness) I am carrying a few extra kilos so I am spilling out of most of my bras a little bit more than I should – I do apologise for this. I haven’t invested in any larger cup bras as I’m hoping the extra weight won’t stay long.

First up is my newest acquisition and absolute favourite right now:

The Freya Nieve Long Line Bra

Freya Nieve Longline

This I have in a 30F, and the fit is near perfect. The band is snug but comfortable, and the cups are just right as well. The wires are narrower than those of my Masquerade bras (I think that’s a Freya thing), so the fit is more upfront and my bust is pushed further out in front of me (if that makes sense), but the bra still gives a very round shape which is what I’m after. I like that the straps are fully adjustable (why this isn’t the case for every single bra strap in the world, the mind boggles), and I love how the bra doesn’t dig in so much and doesn’t leave so many marks, simply because it’s long line! (Thanks to Becky and Sophia for introducing me to this fantastic bra through their blogs!)

There is one issue however. The cup is a bit too low cut for me. My nipples are barely inside the cup. There are more and more and more “half cup” style bras appearing everywhere, and I just don’t understand this sudden obsession? What happened to the padded balconette? Why does everyone feel the need to design bras that hardly cover your nipples? If Freya cut the cups of this bra just slightly higher, like a “normal” balconette, I would buy two of every single colour that comes out.

The Panache Masquerade Capella Bra

Panache Masquerade Capella

I completely adore this bra – I have it in a 28FF. This is one of the few bras I bought in a shop (Bravissimo), which is an hour long trip from my house, so I don’t often go there. I tried on the 30F first but the band felt a little loose. Because bras stretch quite a bit with wash and wear over the years, I find it really important to get a firm band when buying a new bra, as I can’t afford to replace them very often.

What I love in this bra the most is how it holds me up just as well as a balconette would, but at the same time gives me a plunge-like neckline, a nice cleavage, and also an amazing rounded shape! It’s the perfect moulded bra. I really want to say I will buy it in every colour, but… for £39?? Really? That’s my only hang-up. Soooooo expensive!!

The Panache Masquerade Georgiana Bra

Panache Masquerade Georgiana

I have this in 3 different colours (all 30F), and have worn them all to death. Amazingly comfortable, incredible support, perfect round shape. As you can clearly see I could do with a larger cup size, but I promise when I bought these I wasn’t spilling out so much. The band is also pretty loose now, but after at least 3 years wear that’s expected.

This is the style I would LOVE to see Panache make more of! The “Maia” was a very similar fit as well (although not quite as comfortable), so even with that I would be pretty happy. Please please Panache, please make more of the “Georgiana”! I don’t even mind if it’s the exact same colours, I just want to buy new ones!!

(To be continued…)