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I never usually look at the leaflets/brochures/advertisements that come free with my glossy magazine, but this once I got sucked in – the girl on the front cover was sitting outside in the cold wearing loads of beautiful knitted and jersey pieces complete with woolly socks, gloves and a snood, and looked so perfectly warm and cosy, that I couldn’t resist opening the catalogue.

Hush has been around for eight years, and is “probably the UK’s leading nightwear and loungewear specialist”, according to their website. It was founded by a woman named Mandy Watkins, originally from Australia, who spotted a clear gap in the market “for a company selling stylish clothes to relax in”. Why I haven’t heard of them before could be due to the fact they “don’t really advertise”, but “prefer to spend the money on giving you the best possible product and service at a sensible price”. I have to say I really like this philosophy.

Bubble Stitch Cardi and Harem Joggers – Hush

I absolutely LOVE dressing into cosy knits and pyjama bottoms in the winter at home on a Sunday, while sitting on the sofa sipping hot chocolate or mulled wine. I don’t like to admit it, but I even go outside for a walk sometimes in these outfits (plus coat plus Ugg boots), completely overjoyed by the idea that I can wear whatever I want because it’s a Sunday.

The awkwardness starts when I happen to come across another human being during these walks – even worse when I accidentally wander into an area with quite a few other people in it. All of a sudden I don’t feel so happy any more; I feel rather embarrassed that I came outside in my “cool” pyjama bottoms just because I felt cosy and comfortable in it.

What if I could be cosy and warm, totally overjoyed at being able to wear whatever I want and feel comfortable in, and not look like a lunatic at the same time?! This is exactly where Hush comes into the picture!

Amy Dress – Hush
Cherry Blossom Pyjamas – Hush

If dressing into comfortable clothes on the weekend makes you happy but you want to wear something more stylish than old tracksuit bottoms and baggy T-shirts, you must check out the most recent Hush catalogue.

Although I still very much lust after their amazing pyjamas as well, I will be mostly investing in some cosy knits and key pieces like the long harem trousers to wear instead of my pyjama bottoms on the streets of suburban London on a winter Sunday.