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The Freya Deco Bra

Freya Deco

I don’t think this is a bra for everyday wear, but it’s brilliant nevertheless. My breasts are quite wide set, and I find it very difficult to create a cleavage – the Freya Deco is the only bra that gives me a truly amazing cleavage, without any “airbag” inserts and without making my breasts look like pyramids from the side (like the Gossard Superboost bra does). This one is a size 28F – I find that in the Deco, I always have to take my smaller band size, and it’s always a cup size smaller from my usual size that fits nicely (my “usual” size is 30F). However as I am on the border of having to go up a cup size at the moment, a 28FF in the Deco would probably be a little more appropriate and would give me a less in-your-face cleavage. This bra is the only thing I wear for going out, under low cut V-shape necklines.

The Panache Masquerade Rhea Bra

Panache Masquerade Rhea

I love this bra for its fantastic support and the beautiful Marie Antoinette cleavage it gives, without making me feel like I’m falling out of the cups. Again, imagine the effect is a little less intense than in the picture – the one I own is a 30F, and I could do with a 30FF at the moment. The shape it gives from the side is round, but slightly minimising (so your breasts are fairly close to your chest), as the cups are quite deep vertically. It basically spreads your breasts out vertically on your chest, rather than pushing them forwards or together.

I have to admit that it took a while for this bra to feel comfortable on. When I first got it, the ends of the wires at the centre gore were digging into my skin so much, I had to take it off in the middle of the day and go braless a couple of times – it was very painful. Luckily I stuck with it and after a few washes it wasn’t hurting any more (I also tried to bend the wires away from my chest several times, but I don’t think that had any effect). I love this bra and I would probably buy it again and put up with the pain for a few days again if I could get hold of it in the sale.

The Panache Masquerade Anise Bra

Panache Masquerade Anise

Even though this bra isn’t new on the market, there are still plenty available everywhere – which did make me wonder why it hasn’t sold out yet, like most other Masquerade styles that came out around the same time. I think I found the answer: because it’s TIGHT. When I say tight, I don’t mean it’s tight at first and then it will loosen with wear, I mean it’s tight full stop. There is literally no stretch in the band. I have it in a 30F but it feels like a 28FF. When I first tried it on I felt like I couldn’t breathe – simply because it doesn’t stretch as you try to expand your chest like other bras do. However, it doesn’t actually dig in. I can wear it all day comfortably and it will hardly leave any marks on my skin. It feels unusual at first with the band being so firm, but it’s actually nice to feel so supported all day.

I love it because it’s sooo pretty and sexy, the colour makes me look TANNED, and because it’s a half cup bra, my boobs look a little smaller than, for example, in the Rhea above. The only thing that sometimes bugs me is how close my nipples are to the top of the cup – could do with a tiny bit more coverage. But altogether it’s definitely one of my favourites.