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I love when friends draw your attention to a new and exciting brand you have never heard of before, especially when you instantly find pieces in their catalogue you feel you just have to have. It is usually much better if the brand is one you could possibly afford as well, but simply the feeling that you discovered a new passion is often satisfying enough.

I have fallen in love with Anthropologie. Particularly with this beautiful mustard yellow coat.

Ruched Marigold Coat – Anthropologie

We actually went into the Regent Street store yesterday, partly to see if I could try on the coat (and feel even more depressed that I will never be able to buy it), and partly just to see what else they had to offer.

At this point I have to mention that I am also completely infatuated with this jacquard print knitted jumper and white wide-leg trousers combination! So unique and sophisticated!

Neo-Jacquard Pullover and Lamb Wide-Legs – Anthropologie

To best describe the Anthropologie shopping experience, it was like walking around in a museum where you are actually interested in everything (or most things) on display! The main reason it felt like more of a museum than a shop was the prices of items… On the three massive floors there were a substantial amount of home wear, most of which I was simply too nervous to touch, just in case I break something and have to spend the rest of my life paying for it! Such pieces included a £900 clock and an £8000 hollow sculpture of a polar bear (probably both a one-off or store exclusive as I can’t seem to find them on the website).

Luckily my dream coat was not available in store to try on (web exclusive), so I couldn’t depress myself any further by fitting into it perfectly and wanting it even more but not being able to afford it.

Once I get out of retail management and into a real grown-up job, I think I will be able to buy a favourite piece from here every now and again, but until then the Anthropologie store will sadly remain a beautiful but untouchable museum for me!