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This is the third post of me reviewing my favourite bras, focusing on fit, shape and sizing (as opposed to describing the look of the bra which you can see for yourself anyway).  Hope that there are some girls/women out there who find these reviews useful – even if I could help just one person, I would feel like the reviews were worth writing.

The Curvy Kate Thrill Me Bra

Curvy Kate Thrill Me

This is a beautiful and sexy looking bra which gives a nice rounded shape and good support. Its wearability is questionable though; first of all, the lovely frills on top of the cups stick out waaaay too much, so I haven’t found any items of clothing yet that I can wear over it without looking like I’m carrying stuff (phone, tissues, the lot) in my bras. Secondly, the bra really cuts in under my arm. This could be due to high/wide underwires, or the straps being too wide… I’m really not sure? But because of this it’s not particularly comfortable to wear for a longer period of time.

Another issue is the sizing; I struggled sooooo much to find my size in this bra. My usual size is 30F, so that’s what I tried in the Thrill Me first – only to find the band very loose and the cup… well, very strange. The top of the cup stuck out and gaped, well away from my chest, and at the same time the bra didn’t even cover my nipples. I couldn’t decide if it was too small or too big? Luckily Becky and Cheryl had reviewed the Thrill Me at Invest In Your Chest, suggesting it’s a good idea to go down a back size and up a cup size or two in this style to get a good fit. So I ordered a 28G, and to my shock it did fit (except for the problems above).

Despite all of the above I still love this bra. Together with either the matching shorts or thong it’s the perfect bedroom set. I looks great and it makes me feel great, it makes me feel sexy.

There’s one thing that nobody seems to mention when reviewing the Curvy Kate Thrill Me and/or Tease Me bras – they are not the same fit at all! From every single review and description I’ve read I gathered that they are basically the same, just look a bit different. Oh no. The fit is completely different. The underwires of  the Tease Me come up much higher at the centre gore, the top of the cup is almost entirely horizontal (in the 28G my nipples were not even covered), and instead of giving a rounded shape it rather flattens, with the top frill sticking out/gaping horrendously. I was really disappointed to find that after finally discovering my size in the Thrill Me, I still could not get the Tease Me to fit.

However I am not giving up on Curvy Kate just yet. I love the brand, their fantastic size range, what they stand for, plus there are some amazing new bras coming out next season, so I will keep trying them until I find another that fits (I may even find one that fits better than the Thrill Me who knows).

The Bravissimo Satine Bra

Bravissimo Satine

This is a bra I recently bought and I am still in slight disbelief over how comfortable it is. It comes up slightly large in the band, so I got a 28FF, and it fits perfectly. I have to admit I don’t usually get along with plunge bras (except for the Freya Deco) – they usually make my breasts look pointy (the dreaded pyramid shape). However the Satine bra is really lovely, the shape it gives is round, and the support is great too, it keeps me firmly in place all day. Apart from my Freya Nieve longline, this is the only bra where the familiar thought of “I really want to take my bra off now” doesn’t go through my head when I sit down on the sofa at the end of the day. I will definitely get the black version as well.

There are some improvements that could be made, such as making the bra somewhat better quality: the button on the centre gore is not really at the centre, the padding easily gets permanently creased, and the satin on the cup is wrinkled in some places. I tried on a few of these in the shop, and they all had something wrong with them, mostly creased padding or crimpled cup. If Bravissimo sorted these issues out, the Satine could be their best bra ever.

The Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Lace Bra

Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Lace

So pretty, especially for a strapless bra! To be honest I find Wonderbra in general a bit of a hit-and-miss for DD+ bras, but the Ultimate Strapless is absolutely fantastic. It felt weird when I first tried it on – I couldn’t figure out if the band was supposed to ever so slightly stick away from my ribcage and gape at the bottom, or if I was putting the bra on incorrectly? Finally I decided that this must be on purpose, but I still don’t understand why. I tried on several sizes as well to find the best fit – the one I chose is a 32E (my only bra in this size). In the 30 band I just felt like I couldn’t breathe. I did worry that it would soon loosen up too much, but I’ve had it for a year now and it’s still the same. What’s so amazing about it is that it stays exactly where I leave it (while I’m wearing it I mean), all day and/or all night, no matter if I’m jumping up and down the whole time. (I’ve tested it dancing, running around on the beach, skipping, etc.) It just doesn’t move, full stop. The support feels great too, it does literally feel like you’re holding yourself in place, and the shape is round. If only the size range was a little less discriminative (it only goes up to an F cup)!