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I have a proportionate (also known as hourglass) figure, and with measurements of 37-25-38 and a 30F bust, on a lucky day I fit into a high street UK size 10 or 12. My ideal style of dressing is elegant, sophisticated, simple and feminine – in reality however I have to dress in the brand that I work for, which is currently a bit too “country” and “old” for my liking (not to mention ill fitting).

On days when I’m off work, I usually open my wardrobe door in the morning and find that I have nothing to wear. This is not just due to lack of funds but also not finding anything on the high street that fits me. High street clothes shops don’t seem to cater for hourglass shapes whatsoever. By the time I go up to a dress size that fits my chest and bum (usually a size 12), I have several inches of excess material dangling all around my waist, which even a belt can’t make disappear. Stretchy materials are supposed to be my friend –  but whoever said that obviously didn’t consider the fact that not every woman has a perfectly flat tummy!

I love fashion and I get passionate about beautiful pieces of clothing and certain ways of dressing, but not having the standard high street figure I struggle and get frustrated a lot with everything (nothing?) that’s out there for us non-royalty to buy.

I also love beautiful lingerie, and I am keen to join “the fight against plus four”, on a mission to get every woman to wear the correct size bra, as well as to get retailers to increase their size range rather than fit women into the wrong sizes.

With my musings on these pages I plan to share my fashion findings and infatuation with beautiful items, and I hope to every now and then be of some help to other hourglass shaped women out there who also find dressing from the high street a bit stressful, and who long to see more lingerie shops around that don’t refuse to stock their bra size.